September 15, 2013

What are the Criteria for Choosing Brand Elements?

There are six criteria for choosing brand elements, those are:

1) Easy to memorize: First criteria is memorability, which means a brand name, symbols, logo, visual properties should be different and easy to memorize. Those criteria will help a brand easy to remember. Example: Blue Rhino is a brand, which is easy to memorize.

2) Meaningfulness: Brand meaning should be clear and simple to understand. In the general information category product nature will be explained and in specific information category product benefits and features will be explained.

3) Likeability: If consumers like the brands visual and verbal imagery then this brand will fall in this category. As an example we can say: PepsiCo introduced their new Code Red soft drink.

4) Transferability: If the brand name is less specific then it will be easy of the brand to spread its categories. Like: Amazone is a river but it is also a brand name where various categories products are present. If a brand name has been fixed as “Toys T’ then it will be a big problem for this brand to expand its category to other areas like watch, computer etc.

5) Adaptability:  The brand should be flexible; there will be a way that time to time the logo can be updated. Anything fixed is not appreciable by new generation.

6) Protect ability: Protectable in the sense of legal and competitive sense. A brand name or elements should be protectable internationally, it need to be registered or trademarked. These things will protect this brand from harmful attack and exploitation.

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